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Are you a small business looking for a custom software solution to boost sales and revenue?

Caspia Research makes custom software to solve real-world business problems and make businesses more efficient and profitable.

We rescue failing businesses by creating new revenue streams using tried-and-true methods like process automation and artificial intelligence.


Have you gathered important information about your goods, services, and clients but need help deciphering it?

The new gold is data and artificial intelligence. However, intelligence without feelings paints a murky picture.

We use information visualisation and data analysis methods to uncover the true meaning of data. We analyse and measure data to create an impression of your business.


Caspia Research In Web is Committed to protecting and growing its royal client base.

Did you know that small businesses are the target of 71% of successful cyberattacks?

How secure are your online presence?


Are you having difficulty growing your business because you're worried about laws and regulations?

Laws and regulations are in place to safeguard vulnerable people and businesses.

Business owners must protect the goodwill of their products and services to make it easy for prospects to exchange value.

We create customised legal kits for small businesses to boost their market credibility.


Are you at a point where expanding your business is impossible?

Recognising the mountain's shape when standing at its summit is challenging.

Our (not-known to your peers) growth strategies are tested on real customers and businesses.

We don't believe in staged performances but understand that growth is natural process, like growing wheat.

We always welcome problems that are bigger than us! 


Are you struggling to get local search traction in your neighbourhood?

Local search can significantly help small businesses since 46% of all Google searches are for local information.


You may lose out on potential customers prepared to shop in your neighbourhood if your company isn't optimised for local search.


If you want your business to remain relevant, local SEO is essential.


Do you need to improve your business's branding and website?

Does it need some love? 

Our primal nature does not allow for orderly affairs.

The disorder becomes apparent when exposed to the delivery and acceptance environment.
We'll use the strength of contemporary technologies to build a bridge between your customers and business that will last for decades!

Architects. Developers. Consultants.

Caspia Research in Web believes its solutions will become a major industry player.

We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude.

A simple way to connect with Caspia

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From one family to another...

Dr. Wajid Khan, PhD

  • Wajid Khan, PhD LinkedIn

Founder. Doctorate in Information Visualisation and Data Analysis (2014).

Waqar Hussain

Waqar Hussain CTO Caspia Research.jpeg
  • Zahoor Khan

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Snr. Software Engineer

Professor Bahadur Khan

  • Prof.Khan

Head of Policy and Young Innovators Academy Director.

Ali Khan

  • Wajid Khan, PhD LinkedIn

Quality Assurance Director


Afaq Ahmad Khan

  • Afaq Ahmed Khan

Director Pakistan Operations

Zahoor Khan

  • Zahoor Khan

Chief Operation Officer (COO) & Data Scientist. 

Shahzad Ahmad

  • Shahzad Ahmad

Group Digital Marketing


Sufyan Khan

  • Sufyan Khan

Young Barriester, contributing to R&D, legal tech and commercial contracts departments.

Sheraz Ahmed

  • Sheraz Ahamd

Young Innovator contributing to our creative UI/UX projects.

Sir HR.png

Irfan Mehmood

  • Wajid Khan, PhD LinkedIn

Human Resource Manager

& Admin


Shahzad Hussain

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Assistant HR, Lead Artist


100+ Stronger

We help young and underprivileged Pakistanis improve their lives by investing in them.

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