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About us

Our mission as a full-service software company is to collaborate with each brand, unleashing our innovative methods to develop original strategies that yield instant results.

Vision Statement

The excitement begins when you make objectives, set out to achieve them, and then fulfil your goals. Success starts with identifying specific goals and then using your mental power to imagine the future.


We turn your thoughts into an award-winning brand. We devote all our mental energy to our clients for them to beam.

The Dotcom Bubble 1995 – 2001

Before Yahoo bought it in 1999, Geocities was a popular website that helped companies and individuals how to design websites. Because dot-com mania was booming, an interested student at a primary school began publishing on the internet.

Our first publication was on the United Nations-protected Buddhist heritage site in the North Pakistan, proudly supported and hosted by Yahoo! Geocities.

Before Social Media 2000-2006

When we didn't have social media sites like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube, people worldwide still consumed music in MP3 and other online formats.


We have aided in bringing back niche streaming for people with restricted digital means. Ten streaming music sites and a digital library with full lyrics and biographies of the musicians helped promote more than 30 young musicians.



The European Union​​ 's (EU) Transport Policy

Our contributors have significantly impacted the public sector with their work on EU transport policy.


Our cutting-edge research initiatives have established a comprehensive school bus strategy for over 30 nations throughout the union.

During these years, we've assisted over 1,000+ schools and transportation firms in meeting safety standards via cyber methods.

We provide cyber security and software solutions to our global client base. Caspia Research in Web trusted by:


Blockchain, AI and Big Data 2017-2023

A platform of over a hundred professors, industry experts, politicians, and other members of society make up the Global Blockchain Consortium.


We have supported many projects and guided DLT and emerging data technologies through our work.


We've assisted businesses, universities, governments and research projects in developing Blockchain, Data, AI, and Disruptive-tech solutions to global problems.

The Pandemic Years 2020-2022

The pandemic has transformed our lives and how businesses and countries function. For a while, everything stopped. We didn't quit; we initiated complex projects and continued our journey.


During these years, a beta version of Swift Grants™ was released to automate the complex regulations around research and development grants first launched in 2000 by HM Customs and Revenue in the United Kingdom.

Citrus Fruits

2023 - Software Apprentice Program

In partnership with top-tier UK universities.

While you work for us, get a degree. 

We will love to have you on board if you want to use your talents to create new knowledge and make a difference. 

We have connected with well-known universities in the UK, the US, and Pakistan, where we look for young, talented people. 

We often help young people develop new ideas by carefully building their profiles using our frameworks, such as the "Five Minute Story" and a longer format with text and pictures. 

By working with us, you'll gain job experience and a professional degree from a highly reputable university. If any of the above appeals to you, we can't wait to meet you.

If any of the above interests you, we can't wait to welcome you. 

Get started by sending your resume and a cover letter to


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From one family to another...


Wajid Khan, PhD

  • Wajid Khan, PhD LinkedIn

Founder. Doctorate in Information Visualisation and Data Analysis (2014).


Shahzad Ahmad

  • Shahzad Ahmad

P/A to Chairman & Group Digital Marketing.

Waqar Hussain CTO Caspia Research.jpeg

Waqar Hussain

  • Zahoor Khan

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Software Engineer


Professor Badur Khan

  • Professor Badur Khan

Head of Policy and Young Innovators Academy Director.


Afaq Ahmed Khan

  • Afaq Ahmed Khan

Head of Content and Pakistani Technical Hubs Director.


Sheraz Ahmed

  • Sheraz Ahamd

Young Innovator contributing to our creative UI/UX projects.


Ali Khan

  • Wajid Khan, PhD LinkedIn

Lead Auditor 


Shahzad Hussain

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Lead Artist


100+ Stronger

We help young and underprivileged Pakistanis improve their lives by investing in them.

Sir HR.png

Irfan Mehmood

  • Wajid Khan, PhD LinkedIn

Human Resource Manager

& Admin


Sufyan Khan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Young Barriester, contributing to R&D, legal tech and commercial contracts departments.


Zahor Khan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Chief Operation Officer (COO) & Data Scientist. 

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