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The Caspia Approach to IDDMD

Identify, design, develop, measure, and deploy.

We use a highly adaptable roadmap in our IDDMD process to locate where we are, identify where we've been, and decide where we need to go.

A simple methodology

We'll utilise our field-tested, agile processes to deliver your software project quickly, effectively, and within budget.

1. Identify

Discovery is accidential but identification isn't!

The identification process entails locating untapped potential in your company.  It functions similarly to a treasure map by pointing out where the treasure is and how to get there.

It doesn't take long for an expert to identify the gender of a baby chick.

Step 1: Indentification

2. Design

The design may seem straightforward, but complex things are often hidden in plain sight.

Looking attractive is important when attention spans are short.  
You must exercise more initiative and imagination; at Caspia, we do just that!

3. Develop

If you can imagine it, we can code it. We cover all major technology stacks.


  • LAMP and PHP, including Symfony and Laravel

  • ASP.NET and.NET Frameworks, including Microsoft Azure, IIS, and SQL Server

  • React.js, Angular.js, Node.js, Vue.js, Express.js, and MongoDB (MEAN, MERN, MEVN)

  • Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, Any Screen)  Along with the above, we cover Swift and Flutter.


4. Measure

We measure data through our unique understanding of the whole digital ecosystem. As an illustration, we would immediately recognise a software error, and, more importantly, we would understand who was impacted and how to repair the bridge.


Measurement using cutting-edge analytics can transform your digital marketing campaigns. Our data dashboard solutions are ideal for decisions that require an organization-wide perspective.

5. Deploy

We deploy new or modified software code so customers won't notice, even while utilising the services.

We also schedule significant deployment updates for later in the day, especially at midnight. In our company, this is standard practice.

Stackholders always approve all beta versions before being deployed to production servers, and we ensure that staging and production servers are exact replicas of one another.


Moreover, our clients are curious to learn more about the following:


We take the time to research your company, which enables us to pinpoint the vital moving parts.

Design & Planning

Decoding algorithms and scenarios into visualisations to help decision-makers make informed decisions.


Integrating stand-alone modules into business operations reduces development time and cost.

Training & QA

Training and quality assurance (QA) are essential for digital products and connected growth. 


We use cloud storage services to house our software, including Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and DO.

MVP & Lean Startup

Harness the power of adaptability by creating a minimum viable product using lean startup concepts.

Cyber Security

Small businesses must take precautions to protect their assets from cyberattacks. Caspia is right by your side.

Code IP Rights

Protecting intellectual property rights is essential for successful software development. We're here to help.


We are always near you, just a call or email away. We provide world-class support with a one-year break-fix warranty.

Working with us

We'll offer you the same welcoming, adaptable, responsive, and professional service whether you're a big, small, blue-chip or not-for-profit company.

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